Vervo forged steel valve
Company sales service including pre-sale service, sale service and after-sale service, each stage of the company will provide thoughtful service for you!
Pre-sale service
1, professional technicians, to provide professional technical advisory services.
2, provide free computer aided drawing, design services, adjust design according to customer requirements, to design the function structure and so on various aspects to deepen.
3, to the customer in detail all kinds of material production technology and product effect.
Sale service
1, serious for contract review, in strict accordance with you in the material, size, etc on the technology requirements for manufacturing.
2, according to the contract requirements, the implementation of production plan, to investigate possible specific changes rapidly in implementation.
3, to monitor production progress on a regular basis, timely report to you the progress.
4 will actively cooperate with the customer's requirements, the production process, and to make each link from the Angle of technology and human nature, will your timely and detailed service throughout.
5, any damaged, the product in the transport process to repair or replacement.
After-sales service
Based on the belief of "customer supreme", the company opened 24-hour service hotline, to ensure 24-hour service. In use process, if there is any quality problem, the company will assign professional staff to analyze problems and solve problems, ensure the normal work of the consumer.
In the warranty period, such as product quality problem (non-artificial factors), the company responsible for the repair, replacement, and provide maintenance and repair service free of charge.
I'm quite strict management of the company's after-sales service department, always adhere to honesty, sureness working style, to each user completes the pre-sale and after-sales service work, guarantee the normal use of your products.

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