ZYB-40 ZYB-60 ZYB-80
ZYB-40 ZYB-60 ZYB-80

The ZYB series oil pump is used for pumping light oils such as diesel or kerosene for vehicles, construction sites, farms and outside applications or other for other fuel powered equipment. this series oil pump uses an electric motor, vane oil pump, flow meter and a computation meter. It is convenient, reliable, easy to operate and simple to maintain. It displays the amount of fuel pumped per job and has a total lifetime of service count. the manual wheel is used to zero out each pumping job. Remark: This oil pump is intended for non-commercial use.

Technical Parameter

Model  ZYB-40  ZYB-60  ZYB-80 
Pump flowrate  (20-40) L/min  <20-60) L/min  (20-80) L/min 
Meter flowrate  (20-120) L/mi n  (20-120) L/mi n  (20-120>L/min 
 Voltage   DC12V  DC24V 
AC220V 50Hz  
AC110V±10%   60Hz 
AC110V±10%   60Hz 
Max working 
3Bar    3Bar    3Bar   
MeterAccurancy  ±1%  ±1%  ±1% 
Motor Parameter 
Turn Speed: 2800r/min 
  Power: 0.375kw 
Turn Speed: 2800r/m'in 
  Power: 0.55kw 
Turn Speed: 1400r/min 
 In-out   In BSP3/4 " 
Out BSP3/4 " 
In BSPl " Out BSPl " 
Digit  4 Digit,Max.9999.9 Liter,8 Digit Accumulated 

Enviroment condition

Temperature: -25℃ ~+55℃
Relative Humidity : 30%~90%
High atmospheric pressure : 86Kpa~1 06Kpa
Enviroment condition

Operation Instructions

I.Connect all spare parts correctly and ensure outlet connections are in proper placement. (Remark:oil-suction pipe preparied by the user)

2. Apply power to the motor by plugging the power cord into a power source. Turn on the pump by use of the on/off switch.

3. Open the fueling nozzle to fuel equipment.
4. When fueling is complete, return the nozzle to its storage position and turn off the pump.


1. Reset the meter t0 0 before each use to ensure proper measuring of each fueling iob.

2. Do not leave the motor running when not in operation. Only interval runs between fueling jobs may be permitted.
3. Clean the fuel strainer regularly.

Common Troubleshooting

FaultAppearance MainReason FaultResolution
Motordoesnotturn (1)Thepowercableisnotpluggedin. (1)Checktheelectriccable
(2)Theruotorhasjammed (2)Replacethemotor
(3)Capacitorfailure (3)Replacecapacitors
Motorturns, (1)Suctionsidenotsubmergedinoil (1)Checktheoilsuctionhose/pipe
butnooiloutput (2)Vaneswornorgeardamaged (2)Replacevanesorgear
Computationswingtrayhasbroken Replacethecopulationswingtray
Littleoil-output Pluggedstrainer Cleanstrainer



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