ZYQ89-120LB Auto Nozzle
When oiling, the switch rises and the mandril opens the master valve to let pressure oil flow into its lower chamber. The pressure oil applies pressure on the skew valve and opens it with oil streaming into the oiled container through the nozzle. In the flow of oil, the air in the cavitybehind the skew valve is carried away. When the container is not full of oil, the carried-away air is compensated by that from the windpipe and the windpipe nozzle. The nozzle is not self sealing. When the container is completelv filled with oil, the air hole is blocked up by the oil, and the air can not be compensated. Negative pressure emerges after the air in the cavity is taken away. At this time, the diaphragm distorts upward and the diaphragm axis moves with it. Then the stopping steel beads slide toward the center and the axis falls down. Without the balance of fixed pivot point, the master valve automatically seals under the pressure of spring. It is plays the role of self sealing.  

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