Breakaway is a safety device connected between the fueling machine and the nozzle. In case the oil pipeline is dragged by strong outside force , the breakaway will close the valve, seal automatically and cut oil flow off to prevent the oil pipeline from breaking. It can prevent mass fuel from extravasation under the situation that the power supply of the fueling machine cannot be discondected in time to avoid the occurrence of dangerous accident.

l. The main body is made of aluminium alloy and allumen,which are light and durable.
2. Beautiful figure.
3. The springs are made of high quality stainless steel wire lCrl8Ni9 with reliable performance.
4.Sealing materials are fluorubber and NBR with reliable sealability.
5. Valve core is 1010 nylon with high intensity and good ageing resistance.
6. Provide all kind of connection forms for customers.

Points for attention while installation

I.There should not be relative force of moment at the two ends of the breakaway to avoid anthropic damage.
2.At least one of the two end hoses should be rotating connect.
3. The length of the two end hose should be more than 220 mm.
4.After dropping the breakaway should be replaced but not rea prevent from incorrect reassembling.


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