YH0012 Series Emergency shut-off valve

YH0012 Series Emergency Shut-Off Valve is to be used together.
with submerged oil-pump type fueling machine. It can cut off the
oil flow automatically and rapidly and is a protection for submei ed
oil-pump type fueling machine. This valve adopts fusible material
and cutting ring. Valve core will close automatically to cut off oil-flowing
pipe in case of catching fire or oiling machine damaged by knocki g.

Body : Cast iron (Spray-paint)
Seal : Buna-N O-ring

Technical Parameters
Flow rate : 0-120L/M
Working pressure : 0. 3MPa
Valve closing speed : <ls
Emergency cutoff force : 350N . m-550N . m
Lowest shut-off temperature : 75"C
Medium : Water. gasoline, diesel, and kerosene
Operat ing Environment : -30"C-+55"C

Special Notice
the application of glaxy products should comply
and regulations of local government. The choice of products is l
limitation of products' specifications, surrounding environment
solubility of fuel product s. Galaxy products are not guarant
any certain site. All explanation and description herein subject
products information of the same time. Galaxy reserves the right
prices, materials, specifications, and modes at any time,
advance and undertake responsibilityduen abandoning current mode,

l. Threaded outlet of upper bodv is convenient for connection witH
flowmeter of fueling machine.
2. High temperature pressure relief valve is used to relieve the pressure
with the temperature of oil in the pipeline due to the cutoff of
close of auxiliary valve when oiling machine breaks down.
3. (Normally open type) auxiliary valve can stop oil reverse flowing
when it is closed.
4. The holder can make auxiliary valve normally open to reduce the
of oil flow and that will not affect its flux.
5. Spring is used to strengthen sealing performance when auxiliary valve.
6. Cutting ring is cut off under stress and ensures the cutoff moment of 350
7. Main valve is used to close the oil flow to oiling machine from
oil pump.
8. Main body is made of HT200 cast iron and inside or outside threaded inlet
is for your option.
9. Testing jack is used to test the pressure in pipeline after being installed with
a pressure meter.
10. Tumbler is a holder to keep main valve normally open. Using special alloy
Galaxy l# can ensure the normal action under 75 'C. 

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