Manhole Cover
Manhole is installed on the top of the tank, built Pressure&Vacuum Vent and Emergency Vent.

· Pressure&vacuum vent,When inside pressure higher 6~8KPa or under 2~3KPa than the outside,will be open to balance the different pressure;when the different pressure less than -2~6KPa,the P/V vent will be closed to keep the product not voiatilized

· Automatic sealing of P/Y vent in a roll over situation prevents dangerous and costly spillage

· when the inside pressure is higher 21~32KPa than the outside,emergency vent will be open automatic to keep tank safe.The vent capacity is 7000m3/h

· Two-stage opening allows safe release of residual compartment pressure before fully opening the fill cap.

· Easy maintenance,convenience,safety

· Working pressure: 0.6MPa 

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